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Albert King   Jerry Butler
Alfredo Fettuccine   Jimmy Hodo
The Algiers Brass Band (SONO)   Jimmy McGuire
Amber   Joe Frank & The Knights
The Amazing Mr. Brown   Joey Brando
The Anderson Brothers   Johnny Barranco
Ann Peebles   The Jumpin' Chi-Chis
Banu Gibson (SONO)   Keena Green
Barbado Red   Ken LeRay
Barranco, Barrett & Crocker   Kermit Venable (SONO)
The Barkays   Les Getrex (SONO)
The BatRacers   Lips & The Trips (SONO)
Bayou Jazz Band (SONO)   Loco Electric Orchestra
BeauBassin Cajun Band (SONO)   Luther Ingram
The Bemiss Brothers (SONO)   The Mad Lads
Bill Hurd Quartet   Makoto Kuriya
Bill E. Shaw (SONO)   Mahogany Brass Band (SONO)
Billy Marter (SONO)   Marcell Richardson
Billy Slick   Marcia Michaels
Blade & Big Vino   The Masqueraders
Blue Cabaret  

Max Thackeray

Bobbie Cupitt (SONO)   The Melody Clouds (SONO)
Bobby Green   The Memphis All Star Band
Bobby Love (SONO)   The Memphis All Stars
Bobby Manuel   Mick Martin
Bobby Rush   Midtown Jazz Mobile
Brenda Patterson   The Mighty Chariots of Fire (SONO)
The Browns   Mike Vax (SONO)
The Caprees   Mister Boogieman (SONO)
Carla Thomas   Nero Bly
Carlos Coala   New Orleans Spiritualettes (SONO)
Carol Fran (SONO)   North Polish Symphony
Carson Whitsett   Original N. O. Dixieland Hall Jazz Band
The Carvettes   Otis Thatcher
Casa Samba (SONO)   Otto Puck
The Caterpillars   Papa Don McMinn & Night Train
Charles Hodges   Patchwork
Charles Jacobs (SONO)   Patrick Williams  (SONO)    
Charlie Cuccia (SONO)   Percy Mayfield
Cheezespred   Phat2sDay (SONO)
Chewy Thunderfoot Black (SONO)   The Pitifuls
The Chiggers   Placide Adams (SONO)
Chili Macke'   Randy Brown
Chucky C. & Clearly Blue (SONO)   R. B. Hudmon
Cluster Lee (SONO)   Regal Jazz Band (SONO)
Coolbone Brass Band (SONO)   Rev. C.E. Hodges & the Voices of Victory
Cotton Yancey   Richard Orange
Cozy Coleman   Rick Christian
CP Love   Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. (SONO)
Creole Zydeco Farmers (SONO)   Ronnie Williams
Creole Zydeco Snap Band (SONO)   Rooster (SONO)
David & Roselyn (SONO)   Ruby Wilson
Devious   Rufus Thomas
Di Anne Price   Russian Railroad
Digital Dolls   Ruth Wentland
Dobie Gray   Ryan Hall (SONO)
Dog Police   Scott Mateer
Don Bryant   Selwin Cooper (SONO)
Doctor Proctor   Shelbra Bennett    
Don McMinn   Shirley Brown
Don Nix   Smitty Dee's Brass Band (SONO)
The Duck Band   Soul Joe a.k.a. Yan-C
Dwayne Dopsie (SONO)   Stefan Anderson
Eddie Boh Paris Funky 7 Brass Band  

Steve Franco (SONO)

Eddie Cotton   Susanne Jerome Taylor
Eddie Floyd   Sy Rosenberg Big Band
Edwin Hubbard   Tappa Yoto
Ellis Hooks   Tara Darnell (SONO)
The Excuses   The Original Dixieland Hall Jazz Band
Fawn   Ten-63: The Browns
Fern Kinney   Terri Anderson
The Four Peas   Terry Wall & The Wallbangers    
Fred Sanders & Club Handy Band   Tim Whitsett
G.G. Shinn (SONO)   Tiny Watkins
Ghosts of New Orleans   Tommy Dardar
Gary Gentry   Tommy Ridgley (SONO)
The Green Brothers   Tommy Tate
Group DeVille   Tony Thomas Trio
Hank & Buzz   Tracey
Hank Martin   The Treme Brass Band (SONO)
Hare Trigger Band   The Uptown Allstars
Harmonica Red (SONO)   Veda Love (SONO)
The Heavenly Stars (SONO)   The Vels
High Steppers Brass Band (SONO)   The Viper Mad Trio (SONO)
Homer Banks   Vito Valentino
Imperial Show Band   Von Johin
Ivanhoe Bede   The Wallbangers
Ivory Joe Hunter   Warren Caesar (SONO)
J.B. Davis (SONO)   Wayne Boyd (SONO)
J. Blackfoot   Willie Metcalf (SONO)
Jackie Johnson   Yan-C (see Soul Joe)
Jack London (SONO)   Young Southern Committee
Jack McWhack   The Zion Harmonizers (SONO)    
    The Zydeco Hellraisers (SONO)
    The Zydeco Twisters (SONO)


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