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LocoBop Catalogue

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Luther Ingram If Loving You is Wrong (I Don't...


The Barkays Greatest Hits


The Anderson Brothers Lock 'em Away


Eddie Floyd Knock on Wood (4 Trance-Mixes)


Tommy Tate All or Nothing


Don Nix I Don't Want No Trouble


Luther Ingram Let's Steal Away to the Hideaway


The Barkays The Real Thing


Soul Joe a.k.a. Yan-C Mud Ducks


Various Hot Memphis Hip Hop L2I-010
The Anderson Brothers Baby, I Love You L2I-011
The Pitifuls Hold My Heart to the Fire L2I-012
Tommy Tate Good Medicine L2I-013
Young Southern Committee Devious L2I-014
Luther Ingram Sweet Soul Singer L2I-015
Makoto Kuriya Always Your Friend L2I-016
Tracey Find A Way L2I-017
Sy Rosenberg The Sy Rosenberg Big Band Vol. I L2I-018
Ivory Joe Hunter This Is My Country L2I-019
Luther Ingram Pity For The Lonely L2I-020
Rufus Thomas Ugly Like Me L2I-021
Di Anne Price Blue Artistry L2I-022
Sy Rosenberg The Sy Rosenberg Big Band Vol. II L2I-023
Ivory Joe Hunter Good News L2I-024
Eddie Floyd Spotlight On Eddie Floyd L2I-025
Gary Gentry Greatest Hits Vol. I L2I-026
Shirley Brown Intimate Storm L2I-027
J. Blackfoot U Turn L2I-028
The Masqueraders So Nice L2I-029
Terry Wall Sleep Walkin' L2I-030
The Bar-Kays House Party L2I-031
Papa Don McMinn Home Blues L2I-032
J. Blackfoot Taxi L2I-033
Di Anne Price 88 Steps To The Blues L2I-034
Various Southern Roots Rockers Vol. I L2I-035
The Masqueraders Unmasked L2I-036
Di Anne Price Sugar In My Bowl L2I-037
Various Blues Man's Ball Vol. I L2I-038
Tommy Dardar Blues Fool L2I-039
Cotton Yancey Last of the Zane Grey Cowboys L2I-040
Di Anne Price Love Come and Go L2I-041
Ten-63: The Browns Facing the Music L2I-042
Randy Brown Bridges L2I-043
Eddie Cotton Live at The Alamo Theatre L2I-044
Di Anne Price Deja Blu L2I-045
The Wallbangers Major Breakthrough L2I-046
Di Anne Price Taking The Blues In Stride L2I-047
Rev. C.E. Hodges Take It To The Altar L2I-048
Cotton Yancey Cowboy Highway L2I-049
Di Anne Price The Best Price L2I-050
Papa Don McMinn Black Guitar Blues L2I-051
J. Blackfoot Physical Attraction L2I-052
Eddie Floyd Sweet Soul L2I-053
The Masqueraders Masqueraders In Love L2I-054
Various Soul Rangers Vol. I L2I-055
The Green Brothers Soulsville L2I-056
Ivory Joe Hunter Live at The Grand Ole Opry L2I-057
Luther Ingram Quintessential L2I-058
Barranco, Barrett & Crocker Father Time L2I-059
Papa Don McMinn Live On Beale Street L2I-060
Jerry Butler Brand New Me L2I-061
Various Loco Country Vol. I L2I-062
Various Blues Man's Ball Vol. II L2I-063
Various Southern Roots Rockers Vol. II L2I-064
Dobie Gray Soul Days L2I-065
Ruby Wilson A Song For You L2I-066
Papa Don McMinn Boogie Man L2I-067
Various Divine Soul Divas Vol. I L2I-068
Group De Ville The Bond L2I-069
Johnny Barranco Deep Praises L2I-070
Eddie Floyd Power L2I-071
Beyond Words Vol. I Instrumentals Memphis Style L2I-072
Various Soul Rangers Vol. II L2I-073
Carla Thomas Live in Europe L2I-074
Various Soul Romantix Vol. I L2I-075
J. Blackfoot Soles of My Shoes L2I-076
Various Loco Country Vol. II L2I-077
Carson Whitsett Organic L2I-078
Papa Don McMinn Good Country L2I-079
Fern Kinney My Countryside L2I-080
Bobby Manuel & Rick Christian No Fast Dancing L2I-081
Various Disco Loco Vol. I L2I-082
Papa Don McMinn Blues Ain't a Color L2I-083
Various Divine Soul Divas Vol. II L2I-084
Various Soul Romantix  Vol. II L2I-085
Various Disco Loco Vol. II L2I-086
Beyond Words Vol. II Blues Instrumentals L2I-087
Don Bryant It's All in The Word L2I-088
Various Swamp Rock L2I-089
Various Soul Rangers Vol. III L2I-090
Various Blues Man's Ball Vol. III L2I-091
Richard Orange Supernatural L2I-092
Memphis All Stars Blues Train L2I-093
Hare Trigger Band Hare Trigger Band L2I-094
Beyond Words Vol. III Jazz Instrumentals L2I-095
The Mad Lads Love Songs for Lovers L2I-096
Dog Police Dog Police L2I-097
Tony Thomas Trio Progresso L2I-098
Various Loco Country Vol. III L2I-099
Papa Don McMinn Suspicious Heart L2I-100
Amber Love Attack L2I-101
Di Anne Price Barrel House Queen L2I-102
Various Almighty Gospel Vol. I L2I-103
Von Johin Von the Revelator - MONO L2I-104
Von Johin Von the Revelator - STEREO L2I-105
Jack London's Bayou Jazz Band Thunder & Blazes SONO-1004
Mike Vax Big Band Jazz - Live! SONO-1005
Jack London's Bayou Jazz Band Thunder & Blazes Vol. II SONO-1010
Placide Adams & Dixieland Hall Jazz  Band Hey, What's the Matter Now? SONO-1019
Willie Metcalf Moods SONO-1021
Tommy Ridgley How Long? SONO-1024
Algiers Brass Band Lord, Lord, Lord SONO-1030
Casa Samba Afro-Brazilian Fantasy SONO-1031
High Steppers Brass Band New Orleans SONO-1032
Warren Ceasar & Zydeco.... Crowd Pleaser SONO-1035
Treme Brass Band I've Got A Big Fat Woman SONO-1029
Tara Darnell Let It Shine SONO-1037
Coolbone Brass Band with The Coolbone Swing Troop SONO-1038
Kermit Venable Beau Bassin Cajun Band SONO-1039
The Regal Jazz Band with Smitty Dee's Brass Band SONO-1040
David & Roselyn Gumbo Ya Ya SONO-1041
Steve Franco-Mr. Boogieman New Orleans Boogie SONO-1043
Mahogany Brass Band Mahogany Brass Band SONO-1044
Selwyn Cooper Louisiana Swamp Blues SONO-1048
Various Best of New Orleans Brass Bands SONO-1049
J.B. Davis Walking to New Orleans SONO-1050
G.G. Shinn You Can Never Keep a Good Man D.. SONO-1051
Veda Love Make Me Yours Tonight SONO-1052
Wayne Boyd New Orleans Sessions SONO-1053
Charles Jacobs Bourbon Street Blues SONO-1054
Rooster Born in Mississippi SONO-1055
Carol Fran The Fran-tastic Carol Fran SONO-1056
Coolbone Brass Band Mardi Gras in New Orleans SONO-1057
Lips & The Trips Dance Babys Dance SONO-1058
Chewy Thunderfoot Black Chewy Thunderfoot Black SONO-1059
Phat2sDay Ambassador of N'awlins SONO-1061
Chucky C. & Clearly Blue Chucky C. & Clearly Blue SONO-1062
Les Getrex Les Getrex Sings the Classics SONO-1063
Eddie Boh Paris The Funky 7 Brass Band SONO-1065
Charlie Cuccia Charlie Cuccia SONO-1066
Rockin' Dopsie Jr. I Got My Mojo Working SONO-1067
Creole Zydeco Farmers My Big Foot Woman SONO-1068
Dwayne Dopsie Traveling Man SONO-1069
Cluster Lee Sweet Home New Orleans SONO-1070
Dwayne Dopsie Up In Flames SONO-1071
Bobby Love Back Home In New Orleans SONO-1072
Dwayne Dopsie Been Good To You SONO-1073
Billy Marter Billy Marter SONO-1074
Sound of New Orleans Classic New Orleans Rock & Roll SONO-1075
Viper Mad Trio Buddy Bolen's Blues SONO-1076
Patrick Williams Big Easy Blues SONO-1077
Ryan Hall Woody's Rampage SONO-1078
Dwayne Dopsie Calling Your Name SONO-1079
G.G. Shinn One Last Kiss SONO-1080
Zion Harmonizers Never Alone SONO-6006
Zion Harmonizers Thank You Lord SONO-6007
Heavenly Stars Oh Happy Day SONO-6009
Mighty Chariots of Fire Remember Me, Oh Lord SONO-6010
The Bemiss Brothers The Moment I Believed SONO-6011
New Orleans Spiritualettes I Believe SONO-6012
The Melody Clouds Great Day SONO-6013
Voices of Distinction What You Gonna Do? SONO-6014
Various Gospel Favorites SONO-6015
Carson Whitsett At Peace L2I-106
Papa Don McMinn Beyond Words IV - Guitar Blues L2I-107
Beyond Words Vol. V More Jazz Instrumentals L2I-108
Loco Electric Orchestra World of Fable L2I-109
Mick Martin Revelator L2I-110

Masqueraders, Mad Lads, Browns

Love Harmony L2I-111

The Vels, Caprees, Carvettes

Mississippi Doo-Wop L2I-112


Swamp Pop L2I-113
Jimmy Hodo Rainy Day Heart L2I-114
Tony Thomas Trio In Memphis Live L2I-115

Edwin Hubbard & The Brunch Bunch

Skyway Sunday L2I-116
BatRacers Big Cash L2I-117
Dr. Bill Hurd The Bill Hurd Quartet L2I-118

The Jumpin' Chi-Chis

Let's Do Chi Chi L2I-119
Bobby Manuel Memphis in Havana LS1-120
J. Blackfoot Footloose L2I-121
Tommy Tate The Imperial Show Band Years L2I-122
Midtown Jazz Mobile Fugitive L2I-123
Ronnie Williams Music: Food for the Heart L2I-124
Various Artists Divine Soul Divas Vol. III L2I-125
Various Artists 25 Southern Soul Picks L2I-126
The Jumpin' Chi-Chis Chi Chi Moon L2I-127
Midtown Jazz Mobile Bakatak L2I-128
Luther Ingram Refreshed L2I-129


30 Southern Soul Picks L2I-130


30 Blues Picks L2I-131
J. Blackfoot Refreshed L2I-132
Edwin Hubbard & Prana Christmas Songs L2I-133
The North Polish Symphony Joy L2I-134
Tommy Tate The KoKo Records Sessions L2I-135
Di Anne Price Refreshed L2I-136
Various Artists The Best of Soundtown Records L2I-137
Papa Don McMinn Pick A Dream L2I-138
The Masqueraders Refreshed L2I-139
Von Johin I'm on the Road Again L2I-140
Papa Don McMinn Black Guitar L2I-141
Eddie Floyd Refreshed L2I-142
Various Artists Romantic Soul Crooners L2I-143
The Amazing Mr. Brown Woman LS1-144
Tony Thomas Trio Sad Eyes LS1-145
Susanne Jerome Taylor Light in the Long Run L2I-146
Various Artists Disco Loco Vol. III L2I-147
Dwayne Dopsie Better Go Get It LS1-148
Tommy Ridgley Ooh Poo Pah Doo L2I-149
G.G. Shinn Ain't That Just Like a Woman L2I-150
Eddie Cotton Same Thing LS1-151
Tony Thomas Trio Melodious Funk LS1-152
C.P. Love Trick Bag LS1-153
Chewy Thunder foot Black Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone LS1-154
J. Blackfoot Half Way In, Half Out LS1-155
Tommy Tate Get it Over Anyway LS1-156
Di Anne Price Sugar in My Bowl LS1-157
Dobie Gray When a Man Loves a Woman LS1-158
Jack London's Bayou Jazz Band That's a Plenty LS1-159
Placide Adams & Dixieland Hall Jazz  Band New Orleans Function LS1-160
Charlie Cuccia Get Out of My Life Woman LS1-161
Carol Fran I Know LS1-162
Dwayne Dopsie Reloaded LS1-163
Selwyn Cooper Mathilda LS1-164
Papa Don McMinn Pale Prince of Beale Street LS1-165
J-Train J-Train L2I-166
Various Artists Shake the House Vol. I


Various Artists Romance My Soul L2I-168
Ken LeRay I Would Drown in You K45-169
Jimmy McGuire The Hard Part of Life


Tommy Tate Refreshed L2I-171
Various Artists Shake the House Vol. II L2I-172
Various Artists LocoBop Blue Ribbon Blues L2I-173
Various Artists Smoking Soul


Bobby Manuel Soul Sauce K33-3101
Various Artists Sound of New Orleans Blue Ribbon Blues


Carson Whitsett Slow Walking


Bobby Manuel feat. J. Blackfoot & William Brown Never Found a Girl


Ken LeRay Follow Up


Tim Whitsett Not Old Enough


Bobby Manuel Soul Sauce No. 9


Ivory Joe Hunter Refreshed


Various Artists Slow Dancing Tonight




Alfredo Fettuccine Midnight Misadventures


Otto Puck Neo Retro Ballroom Jazz L2I-184
Nero Bly The Code LSI-185
Tim Whitsett & Imperial Show Band Push Push 1965-2015


Ivanhoe Bede Thunder LSI-187
Joey Brando To All the Swell Dames in Buffalo LSI-188
Alfredo Fettuccine Morning After LSI-189
Tim Whitsett Hard Cheese LSI-190
Otis Thatcher Jookin' LSI-191
Nero Bly The Club L2I-192
Vito Valentino Skin to Skin L2I-193
Various Artists Blues from the Back Country L2I-194
Various Artists Blue Ribbon Blues L2I-195
Various Artists Late Night Candle Light Jazz L2I-196
Russian Railroad Crimea River


Various Artists Flapper Favorites L2I-198
Carson Whitsett Rememberable K33-199
The Jumpin' Chi Chis Wicky Wacky LSI-200
Nero Bly Licensed to Love LEP-201
Barbado Red Caribbean Riddims LSI-202
Di Anne Price, Carol Fran Blue to the Bone L2I--203
Various Artists The Rim Label Collection L2I--204
Tappa Yoto Hoppin' John K45-205
Nero Bly Scandal LS1-206
Di Anne Price & Carol Fran Blue Belles Vol. I L2I-207
Joey Brando Rocket Science 101 K45-208
Scott Mateer Life In Bed KEP-209
Stefan Anderson Nashville: The Last Session


Tim Whitsett & Imperial Show Band The Instrumentals 1960-1969 L2I-211
Tim Whitsett & Imperial Show Band The Vocals 1960-1969 L2I-212
The Caterpillars Keep Knocking K45-213
Vito Valentino Love in the Time of Confusion LEP-214
Various Artists Stax Appeal L2I-215
Nero Bly Nero Bly L2I-216
Percy Mayfield The Loner L2I-217
Various Artists Piano Player Blues L2I-218
Various Artists Guitar Player Blues L2I-219
The Caterpillars Green-eyed Squiggly Worm LS1-220
Pancho con Dos Fatsos El Patron LS1-221
New Orleans Commission Open Session L2I-222
Memphis Jazz Congress In Session L2I-224
Loco Sleepers Songs Stuck in My Head L2I-225
Billy Slick How's It Goin'? LSI-226
Ken LeRay Discovered K2X-227
Cheezespred Don't Scare the Girls KSX-221
Carson Whitsett Organisms LEP-228
Carlos Coala Tango for One KEP-229

LocoBop CDs available now from amazon.com


Please Note:
Not all of the above albums have been released as of yet.
Unreleased albums are those whose catalogue numbers are in red.

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